Personal Commissioning


We bring your dreams to life

At Touring Superleggera, creative ideas and concepts are turned into perfectly executed automobiles. Traditional coach building is brought forward into the 21st century.

Your individual taste drives our work

Touring’s philosophy of personal commissioning requires that every facet of your car is dictated by your individual taste. This includes materials, colours, appearance, seats, panels and trim. From the brightwork to the diode lighting, redesigning instruments, controls and inner panels, mastering the noblest materials and colours, our designers conceptualise every detail to create your own, singular atmosphere.

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The search for perfect execution

The search for perfect execution has been an integral part of Touring’s genes since the company’s foundation in 1926. As then, many components, details and adornments are still manufactured entirely by hand. Nowadays, however, we use cutting-edge technology to its full extent to integrate the extraordinary talent of our craftsmen.

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Highest standards

To create our bespoke one-offs or small series, we combine pure design with workmanship skills and advanced technologies, to comply with the most demanding quality standards of today’s automotive manufacturers.