The paradigm of the art of coach building

Touring Sciàdipersia Cabriolet is an open-top grand tourer, which recreates the luxury and elegance synonymous with the Golden Age of Motoring.

Tautness and dynamism

The already dramatic proportions of Sciàdipersia coupé are further emphasised in the Cabriolet version. The sharpened front, powerful haunches and Kamm-tailed rear are exaggerated by the smooth flowing lines, depicting a tautness and dynamism that appears even greater with the roof lowered.

Hand-crafted coachbuilt nature

Sharp edges and flat surfaces give suggestions of elegant styles from the 1970s, while the clever use of different treatments for the brightwork finishes reveal the true hand-crafted coachbuilt nature of the Sciàdipersia.

Perfect proportions and restrained elegance

The result is typical of Touring’s designs, displaying perfect proportions and restrained elegance without the need for unnecessary and flashy ornamentation. Simple, classic and timeless design that continues to set standards by treading its own unique path, defining a style of its own, and deliberately diverging from common trends.

A journey in supreme comfort

Four full-sized seats allow all occupants to enjoy their journey in supreme comfort, while the driver has the pleasure of harnessing the immense and smoothly-delivered power from one of the last great atmospheric V8 engines and revelling in its glorious soundtrack.

Colours and finishes determined by you

Fittingly for an open car, themes are copied across from the exterior to the interior space. As with all Touring’s products, the colours and finishes are determined by the customer, who is involved throughout the design process.

Technical Specifications


Length:4998 mm

Width:1903 mm

Height:1368 mm

Wheelbase:2942 mm

Boot volume:230 litres

Fuel tank capacity:75 litres

Weight:1880 kg


Cylinders / Type:V8, 90°

Cubic capacity:4691 cc

Nominal output:460 hp (338 kW) @ 7000 rpm

Maximum torque:520 Nm

Emission level:Euro 6

Fuel consumption, EU drive cycle

Urban:22,5 l/100 km

Extra-urban:9,8 l/100 km

Combined:14,5 l/100 km

CO2 emissions (combined):337 g/km


Rear wheel drive - MC Race Shift 6-speed robotised manual gearbox and paddle-shift selection, or ZF 6-speed automatic gearbox with torque convertor.


Front tyres:245/35 ZR20

Rear tyres:295/35 ZR20

Wheel type:Aluminium forged wheels


Top speed (est.):288 km/h

Acceleration (est.) 0-100km/h:5,0 sec

Tell us what you would like us to build

When you order your car from Touring you are literally in the driving seat. Tell us how you want it built and we will do the rest. Your ideas, supplemented by our designers’ suggestions will produce a unique product, completely bespoke and unlike anything else.

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Built entirely by hand

Sciàdipersia Cabriolet is built entirely by hand in the Touring Manifattura in Milan, blending traditional hand-beaten aluminium panels with lightweight carbon fibre elements. Precision and quality of the body must match the most demanding standard, and cutting-edge digital measurement tools are used for this purpose at each stage, from the panel fabrication through to the body-in-white and the finished car.

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Our high standards

Strict quality control processes include static and dynamic tests before the vehicle is approved for road use. High standards of panel alignment, panel gaps and clearances, painting, polishing, leather craft and stitching are all rigidly checked and applied.

Our obsession with detail

The entire manufacturing process is fully documented and digitally logged, to guarantee consistent quality levels and accurate repeatability. Touring’s test protocols demand compliance to high standards in interstice and surface alignment, paint and coating quality, interior trim and assembly.

The story behind the legend