Art and passion since 1926

95 years of expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology: a complete restoration service of historic Touring cars undertaken according to the traditional techniques and using original materials.

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An award-winning collaboration

Touring works with Ruote Borrani, recognised as the maker of the finest wire-spoked wheels. They will restore or reproduce their historic patterns, as used on the finest sports cars of the past – names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin.

Our process of restoration

A. Historical Research

1. Briefing & Historical Research

B. Assestment

2. Vehicle inspection and Detailed inventory

3. Disassembly

4. Rare parts sourcing

C. Styling, CAS/CAD, models & JIGS

5. Rendering

6. CAS

7. Colours & trim

8. Full scale complete or part model (Cage, Copy/Paste Templates)

D. Production

9. Metal/Composite

10. Glasswork

11. Woodwork

12. Internal Trims (Leatherwork)

13. Trim & Ornaments (Machined parts, Rapid prototyping, Ornaments)

14. Body & White (CNC Bodywork, Assembly, Preparation)

15. Painting (Color palettes, Types of painting)

16. Functional tests

E. Touring certification

17. Certification of original Touring restoration

The Touring Certificate of Authentic Restoration

The value of each classic car restored by Touring Superleggera is enhanced by the Certificate of authentic restoration. It determines that the restoration is performed not only according to the art book, but also respecting rules and processes of the age they were built.

The certification requires a compelling historical research, the sourcing of original parts or their reconstruction based on original blueprints, the use of techniques contemporary to the construction age, and extends to the research of compatible colour palettes.

If the restored car has Touring bodywork, the certification extends to the truthful respect of the authentic shapes and details.

Our Best and Awarded Restorations

Special Prize in “The former English marques (Post-War) Closed Cars” Class1948 Bristol 401 Touring

2016 — Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille Concours d’Etat

Restoration of a Touring bodywork.
The cooperation between Bristol and Touring resulted in a limited batch of 7 or 8 cars to be coach built in Milan. #217 belongs to this very limited batch and was completely restored.

Best of Class “Special Coachwork Postwar”1952 SIATA 140S Daina Sport Bertone

Concours d’Elegance Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn

Restoration of a non Touring bodywork.
The Siata Daina Sport was introduced at the 1952 Torino show. It was the coupé version of the Daina Grand Sport cabriolet and used the same chassis & drivetrain.
The Daina Sport succesfully competed many international races and rallys during the early fifties.

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