Grand Prix de la Plus Belle Supercar de l’Année
2009 Festival Automobile International

The compact supercar

A8GCS Berlinetta perfectly embodies the Touring Superleggera soul. It is a light and compact two-seater sports car, contrary to the trend towards constantly increasing dimensions, weights and powers.

The most advanced aerodynamic solutions

Compact proportions and state-of-the-art building technology are blended in a highly refined style that combines the best Italian craftsmanship with the most advanced aerodynamic solutions.

High performance sports car

The A8GCS Berlinetta epitomises the perfect high performance sports car.

The small size and the perfect balance give agility and manoeuvrability, handing control back to the driver and reducing reliance on artificial driver aids.

Borrani heritage

The XRay RX1000 wire wheels on the A8GCS represent a spectacular continuation of the unique Borrani heritage. Resulting from a long and intensive research and testing programme, the new XRay line is becoming available for a vast range of modern sportscars.

Dynamism and elegance

Perfectly balanced volumes and reduced overhang create a shape that defines dynamism and elegance.

Compact and dynamic proportions

The very compact and dynamic proportions, in combination with perfectly balanced volumes and fluent design lines, endorse the Carrozzeria Touring tradition in the A8GCS Berlinetta. For the mechanical part, it relies on a sophisticated and proven 400 BHP Maserati V8 drivetrain.

To achieve that perfect finish

Our prototyping work is carried out to the same high standards as final manufacture. For static display, 5-axis milling machines cut from a block of composite material, which is then hand-finished prior to painting.

The same superior finish

Paint is applied and polished by hand, and the result is a full-size prototype model which is indistinguishable from a fully functioning vehicle.

Quality that is second to none

Our concept cars and show cars are as important to us as our production models, so the same obsessive level of attention is applied to getting the finish just right. The result is that even a one-off prototype will stand the closest scrutiny.