A rare modern fuoriserie

A two-seater high performance machine, shaped by the wind and readily identifiable as a rare fuoriserie.

The AERO Design

The Touring AERO 3 represents the most up-to-date interpretation of Touring’s streamlined style originating in the 1930s.
The most prominent design element is the teardrop shape, which defines the purity of the body as a whole.
AERO 3 is the third streamliner model in Touring’s recent lineup, after the highly successful Disco Volante and Disco Volante Spyder.

Dynamism with a lightness of touch

In accordance with time-honoured Touring practice, the AERO 3 avoids jarring, heavily angular architecture in favour of more sweeping, harmonious, but well-defined curves. While the sculpted flanks give the shape dynamism and suggest power, and the large, muscular bonnet fires the imagination with promises of invigorating performance, the emphasis is on Touring’s signature balance of proportions and lightness of touch.

Road or track

On road or track, electrifying performance is assured. Massive reserves of power from the large V12 motor see to that, but for customers wanting a little bit of extra spice for track use we can discuss bespoke options with you.

A natural extension of the teardrop shape

The dorsal fin, today commonly seen on pure racing cars, reflects pioneering “wind profile” studies into aerodynamic theories by Touring in the industry’s first wind tunnel, during The Golden Age. This detail, while evoking design traits from Touring’s heritage, is artfully blended into the overall visual harmony of the machine.

The Show Car follows the lead of Disco Volante Coupé Number One, with the dazzling and popular Stratosphere Red paintwork. This is repeated inside the cockpit as highlights against the black soft-furnishings, along with tasteful flashes of polished aluminium, matte black aluminium and matte carbon fibre detail fittings.

Technical Specifications


Length:4800 mm

Width:1976 mm

Height:1274 mm

Wheelbase:2720 mm

Fuel tank capacity:92 litres

Weight:1495 kg


Cylinders / Type:V12, 65°

Cubic capacity:6262 cc

Nominal output:740 hp (545 kW) @ 8250 rpm

Maximum torque:690 Nm

Emission level:Euro 5

Fuel consumption, EU drive cycle

Urban:22,5 l/100 km

Extra-urban:11 l/100 km

Combined:15 l/100 km

CO2 emissions (combined):350 g/km


Rear wheel drive - 7-speed, electroactuated sequential gearbox with paddle - shift control and automatic mode.


Front tyres:255/35 ZR20

Rear tyres:315/35 ZR20


Top speed (est.):340 km/h

Acceleration (est.) 0-100km/h:3,1 sec

As unique as you are

Specially constructed according to the customer’s instructions, so ensuring a high degree of personalisation, each Touring AERO 3 will be a unique example of the fuoriserie art.


This is a car with a strong character, with highly distinctive features, so it is entirely appropriate that the owner’s own personality is stamped on it from the beginning. Exotic materials and unusual colours produce a finished product with its own distinct style.


The customer is encouraged to be as imaginative as they like to create their own masterpiece, always with the expert guidance of Touring’s stylists to provide ideas.

Discover Bespoke

A journey to creation

Touring Superleggera Design Team will guide you

into the journey of Touring Aero 3 creation:

from moodboards to panel of materials, together with you,

the Design Team will create a very unique personality to your Aero3.


Aero3 is more than a name,

it is a Club of 15 bespoke masterpieces.

Discover Coachbuilding

Hi-Tech materials and skilled craftsmanship

Breaking with tradition, the entire body is made from carbon fibre.
This advanced material provides benefits in terms of weight and strength, and to ensure a flawless finish components are scanned and logged to confirm millimetre accuracy with the design parameters.
All components are CAD-designed and computer verified.
The substructure is laser-cut from various aluminium alloys.
The opening panels have newly designed mechanisms, while at the rear, a bespoke system of dual foils flank the dorsal fin to optimise cfd results, and raise and lower automatically according to vehicle speed.

Quality is our goal

Quality control is paramount, with extreme attention paid to ensure the end product is perfect.

Checks are made at all stages of production: body in white, after painting, assembly and road testing.
Only by hand-building the car can we achieve the level of perfection for which we aim, and to this end our craftsmen spend 5,000 hours on each car.

The story behind the legend