The Show Car

Preview of the series version that was to be delivered from spring 2019 on; the production was to be strictly limited to 50 units. Powered by four high power electric motors, it offered supercar performance and the ultimate driving experience.

Klaus D. Frers, Artega owner and CEO

“The brand name ‘Artega’ comes from the Italian word ‘arte’ for art – the art of sports car manufacturing. Art comes from skill, it is passion and inspiration. These are the fundamental values of the brand. The task was to maintain the core of Artega whilst reaching the next level of both – Artega and the very top of the market segment of super cars.”

Exceptional performance guaranteed

With total 750kW -1,020HP nominal output, 940kW – 1,278HP peak output, 1,620Nm torque and employing torque vectoring, on a target kerb weight below 1,850 Kg, exceptional performance is guaranteed. Minimum range is 500km (NEFZ).

A work of art

Clean, simple, minimalistic lines ensure the design is a timeless classic masterpiece, suitable for any event or occasion, but highlighting its exclusivity and showcasing a technical tour de force. A work of art in accordance with the core values of Artega.

Perfect proportions

In creating the new design, Touring has adhered to Artega’s strict principles. It was important that the car was visually beautiful, with perfect proportions. It also needed to be discreet, understated and unembellished with unnecessary ornamentation.

Beauty through simplicity

Touring’s new design has maintained Artega’s visual brand identity while recognising the designer’s tradition of creating beauty through simplicity and purity of line.

Subtle design features, such as placing the door in the centre of the car’s profile, provide a balanced shape, which accentuates the car’s elegance. Other motifs, such as the razor edge wing profiles, the shut line of the door, the angle of the B-pillar and the hot air exhaust outlets for the front brakes, accentuate the car’s dynamic qualities.

The build process

In a radical departure for Touring, but proving their versatility, the car is based around a carbon fibre tub, while aluminium panels form the bodywork, in the normal Touring manner.

Increasing use is made of modern carbon composites, in whose use Touring has become an expert.

The latest methods

From original sketches, through computer rendering to prototype manufacture a mix of old-fashioned skill and knowledge comes together with the latest methods.

First impressions

The Geneva show car is expected to be minutely examined by public and trade visitors alike, so the quality of manufacture has to be unimpeachable.

This is second nature to Touring, whose hand-built products all reach the same flawless standard.