World of Touring

The Brand

Italian master coachbuilder since 1926

For nearly a century master coachbuilder Touring Superleggera has been designing and hand-building limited editions and unique one-off motor cars of exquisite style, elegance and timeless grace for discerning customers.

Automobili fuori serie made in Italy

At Touring Superleggera, creative ideas and concepts are turned into perfectly executed automobiles.

In creating our bespoke one-offs or small series we combine pure design with peerless craft skills and advanced techniques to comply with the most demanding standards of quality of today’s manufacturers. Traditional coachbuilding is brought into the 21st century.

Elegance, quality and technical innovation

Using traditional skills our craftsmen can build coachwork for special projects and limited production runs, which may be too specialised for large manufacturers. Artisanal-style hand-beaten aluminium panels and hi-tech composite moulding come together to provide a unique service for our customers.

Traditional values and know-how

Touring Superleggera upholds the key elements of its heritage: sporting elegance, meticulously balanced proportions and pure functionality, perfectly executed.

Some of Our Landmarks

Throughout its near-100 year history Touring has been setting new standards in style and design. Along the way its celebrated creations have established several notable landmarks.

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