Fast Tourer

The Gumpert Tornante by Touring is a prototype built for the German sports car maker to be added to their existing Apollo. Combining ultra high performance with great comfort, it defines a new class of automobiles: Fast Tourer.

Elegance is part of our DNA

Known for building extremely high performance sports cars, Gumpert delegated the design of its newest model to Touring, whom they selected because of their history of creating the most elegant styles.

Adaptability is key

Working together the two companies found a mutual respect for efficiency and intelligent design.

Feasibility and engineering came together in harmony and Touring’s flexibility and adaptability quickly brought the design to fruition.

A tribute to craftsmanship

The Tornante replicates the original Touring Superleggera construction principle: a shape-defining space frame, over which are fixed the body panels, but in this instance they are made from carbon fibre. This superstructure is built onto a carbon fibre chassis.

A true sports machine

The design’s highlight is the gullwing doors, emphasising the sporting nature of the car. Composite body panels, carbon fibre chassis, a chrome-molybdenum steel space frame and F1-style steering wheel-mounted paddle shift do the rest.

Comfort on top of performance

A clear directive insisted that even with extreme performance on offer, comfort must not be sacrificed. Innovative ideas come to the fore in the pursuit of these aims.

The adjustable, heated seats are held in a space where the driver and passenger are insulated from sound and heat with newly invented materials in the floor and between the passenger and engine compartments.

Proof of concept

The proof of concept model is machined from a solid block of composite material.

At full size the dimensions are checked and evaluation of shapes, contours and clearances can begin.

The visual check

Visual checks confirm the project is moving in the right direction.

The final touch

Only when the designer is satisfied and the body has been finished and passed final inspection can the legendary Superleggera script be attached.