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Bentley and Touring Superleggera

With its exhilarating power and tremendous dynamic qualities, the Bentley Continental GTC is the perfect platform for the extraordinary automobile we set out to achieve. A true sports car, roomy enough to join a hunting party or a golf tournament with elegance and efficiency.

Nineteen unique automobiles, coach built

Touring Superleggera will build no more than nineteen Flying Stars, each one born from the strict cooperation between the customer and the design team.
Defining your Flying Star’s unique specifications and details will be an exclusive six month adventure. The outcome is an impressive, fast, enjoyable supercar, whose value will grow in time like every true collector’s item. Built to your desire, and to be driven every day.

Tailor made, hand made

Expert eyes and skilled hands work for no less than four thousand hours in Touring workshop near Milano to coach build your personal Flying Star and refine every detail to the highest quality standards.
Bentley Continental GTC