High performance with luxury

The Touring Berlinetta Lusso is a high performance, luxury two-seater gran turismo, to be built in a strictly limited edition of only five units.

Italian spirit

The tailor-made, lavish Grand Tourer in the purest spirit of Italian carrozzeria boasts a stylish elegant shape which cleverly disguises the immense performance potential. It is based on a extremely powerful naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Glorious volumes and proportions

The general design ethos stems from the ideal of glorious volumes and proportions, echoing the Italian fuoriserie of the golden era.

Stellar performance and efficiency

With huge power and massive speed, wrapped in a skin of peerless beauty, it delivers all the thrill of driving a unique, perfect automobile.

Rarity, quality of execution and handsome lines ensure this will be an increasingly valuable investment.

A luxury statement

The long bonnet, two place cockpit and discrete boot are all the hallmarks of a luxury gran turismo.

Specially for you

An entirely new interior, custom-made to your specification, is trimmed in our shop. Complementing the exterior with whatever colour combination you ask for, as this is where you will spend most of your time it’s important to make it extra special for you.

Technical Specifications


Length:4692 mm

Width:2080 mm

Height:1288 mm

Wheelbase:2715 mm

Boot volume:187 litres

Fuel tank capacity:92 litres

Weight:1645 kg


Cylinders / Type:V12, 65°

Cubic capacity:6262 cc

Nominal output:740 hp (545 kW) @ 8250 rpm

Maximum torque:690 Nm

Emission level:Euro 5

Fuel consumption, EU drive cycle

Urban:22,5 l/100 km

Extra-urban:11 l/100 km

Combined:15 l/100 km

CO2 emissions (combined):350 g/km


Rear wheel drive - 7-speed, electroactuated sequential gearbox with paddle-shift control and automatic mode.


Front tyres:Michelin Super Pilot 255/35 ZR20

Rear tyres:Michelin Super Pilot 315/35 ZR20

Wheel type:Aluminium forged wheels


Top speed (est.):340 km/h

Acceleration (est.) 0-100km/h:3,1 sec

Suits you, Sir

Such a special car should be individually tailored to its owner. Each example will be specified entirely by the customer, who will choose from an exhaustive palette of colours, hides and trim styles, ensuring that no two examples are alike.

Discover Bespoke

Unmistakably Touring

The unmistakeable Touring hallmark is the sculptural waistline edge springing from the front wheel arch, embracing the body through to its muscular rear. This shape cannot be reproduced with mass-production systems. Only experienced craftsmen, assisted by state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, can shape it from hand-beaten aluminium panels.

Discover Coachbuilding

Sculpture and science

Increasing use is made of modern carbon composite materials and computer modelling, but at the heart of Touring’s coachbuilt cars tradition is still very much part of our makeup. Hand-formed aluminium panels comprise most of the coachwork, and each part is checked for precision, numerous times throughout construction. Thousands of hours of highly skilled work goes into ensuring the finished product is totally perfect.

It's all in the detail

We know that you, the customer, will not be satisfied unless we deliver to you a flawless product, and to that end our care in the manufacturing process is second to none.