World of Touring

The Brand


The Invention of the Patented Superleggera Construction Method

This revolutionary 1937 design was quite literally a game changer. Eschewing the traditional wooden frame construction, Touring devised a sturdy network of thin tubing, over which sculpted aluminium panels could be shaped. This patented invention combined strength with exceptional lightness and added a new name to the automotive lexicon – “Superleggera.”

The First Car To Reach 150 mph at The Le Mans 24 Hour Race

For the 1938 running of this classic endurance race Alfa Romeo entrusted their most potent car to Touring to design the aerodynamic coachwork. With its highly efficient streamlined bodywork the 8C 2900 ran away from its competitors, eclipsing all with its mighty top speed. Although forced to retire due to mechanical issues it had already built up a lead of over 100 miles.

Multiple Class and Outright Wins in the World’s Most Important Races: Mille Miglia, Le Mans and Targa Florio

Touring’s lightweight and aerodynamic coachwork has clothed more winners of major races than any other coachbuilder. In addition to the strenuous endurance races in which it excelled Touring’s coachwork also clad several grand prix winners in the pre-war years.

Outright Victory in the Mille Miglia for Three Different Manufacturers

A first class reputation for light and aerodynamic designs drove Europe’s leading sports car makers to Touring. Outright wins in the most important race – the Mille Miglia – came with Alfa Romeo in 1932, ‘38 and ‘47 (also the relocated Mille Miglia Africana in 1939), BMW in 1940 and Ferrari in 1949 and ‘50.

The First Car Built By Enzo Ferrari

With Enzo’s reputation as the best race team manager in the world, when he left Alfa Romeo and set up his own company he wanted to build a car to underline that immense capability, so it was perhaps inevitable that he would turn to the world’s best coachbuilder – Touring. But the car wasn’t called a Ferrari yet. That would come later…

The First Series Production Car For Each of the Holy Trinity of Italian Supercar Makers: Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini

Touring has created many outstanding designs for a huge variety of motorcar manufacturers, but of special note the most highly acclaimed sports and gran turismo manufacturers all came to Touring for their first production cars. The undeniable prestige associated with these great marques made Touring the envy of the coachbuilding industry.

The First “Barchetta”

When Touring displayed the first Ferrari 166MM at the Turin Salon its styling was unlike anything seen before. It broke new ground with its clean and uncluttered lines. Its widest point, unusually, was at hip-level and the sides tapered in gently towards the bottom, like a speedboat. Famous automotive journalist, Giovanni Canestrini saw it and remarked “Ma, non e una macchina. E una barchetta!” (But this is not a car. It’s a small boat!). Ever since, two seat, open sports cars have copied this famous epithet.

Ferrari’s First Win at Le Mans

Ferrari has made some of the greatest sports racing cars in history, and it is inextricably linked with the scene of its greatest triumphs – the Le Mans 24 Hour race, which it dominated throughout the 1950s and ‘60s. But it took a design by Touring to set the ball rolling for the cars with the prancing horse. A 166MM Touring Barchetta, which had recently won the Mille Miglia outright, came home first overall, and that car is today reckoned to be arguably the most significant Ferrari of all.

The World’s Most Famous Big Screen Movie Car

Unquestionably, the coolest, most dashing and suave screen personality is super-spy James Bond and the car chosen by the film producer to be driven by him had to have the same cachet. Aston Martin’s DB5, with its Touring Superleggera coachwork fitted the bill perfectly and has gone on to become one of the world’s most recognisable and desirable collectors’ cars.