1952 Maserati A6 G Gran Sport 2000 coupé Frua

Touring Certificate
of Authentic Restoration
1952 Maserati A6 G Gran Sport 2000 coupé Frua

1952 Maserati A6 G Gran Sport 2000 coupé Frua- Vin 2028¸ engine 000161

This one-off Frua coachwork was expressly built for the 1952 Torino Motor Sow. The compact bodywork showcases Frua’s penchant for curvaceous lines underlined by elegant ornaments, and features an exquisite interior. It won two concours the same year, then was exported to Canada.

After validation on the measurement platform, the body was totally removed and inspected in agreement with the owner, it was decided to preserve and repair as many parts as possible, including straightening of the accident – damaged right-side frame members.
The body was then re-assembled on its underpinnings, and adjusted for gap and surface alignment. After trial fitment of trim and brightwork, the Frua was painted in the original Amaranto maroon shade, replacing the overused and incorrect bright red.
New cabin upholstery, wiring harness and instruments, seals and chrome work are completed before aesthetic and functional quality control and sign -off.
The A6G Gran Sport was the sole series produced by Maserati meant for race and road use thanks to its powerful straight six 2 litre engine. The lightweight space frame chassis gave opportunity for the most renowned coachbuilders to express their creativity.