Awarded in Class F “Collection of Shooting Brakes”
2012 Salon Privé
“Classic Driver Car of the Year” in the Luxury Cars category
2010 Classic Driver Car of the Year

Towering performance combined with great capacity

With its exhilarating power and tremendous dynamic qualities, the Bentley Continental GTC is the perfect platform for the extraordinary automobile we set out to achieve. A true sports car, roomy enough to join a shooting party or a golf tournament with elegance and style.

Nineteen unique coach built models

Touring Superleggera will build no more than nineteen Flying Stars, each one born from the direct cooperation between the customer and the design team.

Built to your desire, and to be driven every day

Defining your Flying Star’s unique specifications and details will be an exclusive six month adventure. The outcome is an impressive, fast, enjoyable supercar, whose value will grow in time like every true collector’s item.

Tailor made, hand made

Expert eyes and skilled hands work for no less than four thousand hours in Touring’s workshop near Milan to coach build your personal Flying Star and refine every detail to the highest quality standards.

A four seater? A sports coupé?

Luxurious four seater limousine or high speed load carrier – the choice is yours. The elegant interior changes from one configuration to the other to provide the optimum practicality.

A design statement combining elegance and sportiness

Unmistakable, and completely different from all other cars. The Flying Star incorporates the essence of Touring elegance and harmony, while instantly recognizable as a Bentley.

Technical Specifications


Length:4815 mm

Width:1943 mm

Height:1300 mm

Wheelbase:2746 mm

Boot volume:Min 400 / Max 1200 liters

Weight:2295 kg


Cylinders / Type:W12

Cubic capacity:5998 cc

Nominal output:630 hp (463 kW) @ 6000 rpm

Maximum torque:800 Nm @ 2000 rpm


Continuous all-wheel drive - 6-speed automatic transmission.


Top speed (est.):329 km/h

Acceleration (est.) 0-100km/h:3,9 sec

Haute couture for the automobile

The personification of luxury and the paragon of stylish elegance, Bentley and Touring together are a formidable combination. What better basis to build a unique and bespoke motorcar?

Our designers will work with you as you choose your own finishes to demonstrate your individuality.

Haute couture for the automobile.

Discover Bespoke

In search of perfection

The overriding factor of traditional coach building is the vast amount of handwork that is involved in the creation of a new body. From the A-pillar backwards, new exterior body panels are hand shaped in steel – including the roof, new wider rear wings, and the internal reinforcements of the complete rear section of the car.

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Aluminium soul

Aluminium is used for the door skins, and for the complete tailgate including its framework. Handmade brightwork is added according to the new exterior design.

Bentley quality sign-off

After inspection, the body in white is prepared and painted in Touring’s state-of-the-art paint facilities. The completed car undergoes a final quality audit. The team at Carrozzeria Touring is particularly pleased with the quality assurance support from Bentley engineers, who sign-off the car before delivery.

The story behind the legend