World of Touring

Business Services

Automotive Design

As an increasing number of motor manufacturers are discovering, Touring’s ability to accurately interpret an idea and produce finished designs is a successful formula. Our recent designs for major manufacturers have won significant awards. The whole process, from first sketches, through computer modelling to prototype production is undertaken in-house.

Industrial Design

Although our design team has always been known for outstanding designs in the automotive field they are also able to propose designs in other sectors. From boats to aircraft, and anything in between, the same extraordinary elegance that is synonymous with Touring can be applied.


Before full-scale production is undertaken it is usually necessary to build one or more prototypes for testing and evaluation. Touring offers a full prototyping facility, from scale model to full-size, functioning units.


Using traditional skills our craftsmen can build the coachwork for special projects and limited production runs. Artisanal-style hand-beaten aluminium panels, hi-tech composite moulding and computer analysis come together to provide a unique service for our customers.

Industrial Painting

Touring has its own state-of-the-art in-house painting facilities, meaning we can exercise total control over the quality of the work. We can offer unique colours and together with our accurate colour matching and top quality hand-finishing the results are second to none. Our flexible working practice allows us to provide unparalleled service to customers requiring one-off or small-scale painting projects.

Limited / Small Series Production

Where small production runs or limited series are required Touring can produce these for commercial customers. Our factory produces complete, finished cars, with bodywork, painting, interior trimming, detailing and accessories all managed in-house.


Touring’s craftsmen can restore your historic Touring-bodied car to “as new” condition. Our numerous awards at top concours events testify to the high standards of our workmanship and accuracy. Upon completion we will issue a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees that the restoration is achieved with original techniques and materials, to the original specification, thus adding value to the car. In addition, our restoration shop can restore any other classic car to the same award-winning standard.